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Suffolk County Trucking TicketsSuffolk County Trucking Tickets

In Suffolk County, tickets issued for trucking violations can become expensive. New York State law authorizes higher fines and penalties for trucking tickets compared to other traffic violations. In addition, the police tend to write multiple tickets during each stop. Fines and penalties for overweight violations can easily run into the thousands of dollars.

The ultimate resolution of the case depends on a number of factors including the court that the tickets are before. All courts handle their trucking tickets differently. Some courts will prosecute trucking tickets more vigorously while others will be more lenient. Regardless of the court, in New York, the law requires that corporations be represented by counsel. Consequently if the tickets are written to a corporation, an attorney will be required to appear on behalf of the corporation.

Most trucking violations issued in western Suffolk County end up at the Suffolk County First District Court located at 400 Carleton Avenue, Central Islip. Trucking tickets issued on the east end of Suffolk County will be returnable to one of the east end courts such as the Southampton Town Court, the Riverhead Town, East Hampton Town Court or one of the other east end courts. Unlike Nassau County, Suffolk County will usually allow attorneys to appear in court without their clients on trucking violation cases providing the attorney has a properly executed plea in absentia, affidavit of no accident from the driver, and where applicable, a corporate substitution.

As a Suffolk County Traffic Lawyer, I have, over the years, handled thousands of trucking tickets. If you or your company have received trucking tickets in Suffolk County, it is best to retain an attorney who regularly appears in the Suffolk Courts on these matters. As a traffic attorney, I am familiar with the nuances of each of the courts throughout Suffolk County, and understand the different ways each of the courts handle their trucking violation cases. The goal on all trucking violations that I handle, is to get as many of the tickets dismissed as possible and to keep the fines as low as I can.

The following are some of the more common Suffolk County Trucking Violations handled by the firm.
  • Overweight violations
  • Permit and regulatory violations
  • Out of service
  • Equipment violations
  • General DOT violations
  • Hazardous material transportation
  • Carting, sanitation, contracting, waste and refuse removal

Overweight Fine Schedule

Today overweight fines are based on the percentage overweight. The following is the New York State overweight fine schedule.

Percentage of Excess Weight:
Greater Than Up To Fines
0% 2% $150
2% 4% $300
4% 6% $450
6% 7% $525
7% 8% $600
8% 10% $750
10% 12% $950
12% 14% $1150
14% 16% $1350
16% 18% $1550
18% 20% $1750
20% 22% $1950
22% 24% $2150
24% 26% $2350
26% 28% $2550
28% 30% $2750
30% 32% $2950
32% 34% $3150
34% 36% $3350
36% 38% $3550
38% 40% $3750
Greater Than 40%    $3750 + $125 for each % over 40


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